Radically simplifying and improving how the web is hosted


We started with a seemingly simple problem: how do we overcome the historically painful process of publishing content to the web?

Fast modernizes and simplifies how content is published to the internet, making it quick and instantly accessible, and integrating with modern tools, like cloud storage and Google Analytics.

Fast directs the focus away from administration and boiler-plate tasks without sacrificing scalability, performance, and usefulness.

The modernization of content publishing benefits anyone needing to deploy, update and deliver content quickly and easily to a global audience. Fast can be used with marketing campaigns, content distribution, or simply as secure static hosting; see our list of common use-cases. Fast is a contract-free software-as-a-service, which passes the benefits of our scale to our customers; there are no pricing tiers for volume, per request fees, or capacity limits.

Marketing materials are available on our Media Page. Please contact us if you have any questions.


    • Founded by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge
    • Built in Houston and San Francisco
    • Launched in November 2018


    • No Institutional Funding
    • Currently in beta
    • Supports 5 cloud storage services