How Fast helps you:

Fast is a simple to use content distribution platform that works by pairing your
existing cloud storage (like Dropbox or Google Drive) with our distribution platform and
reporting usage to your existing analytics service (like Google Analytics).


Keep all your files in one place, your existing cloud storage.


Easy to set up, no IT department or technical expertise required.


Speed Matters! Content
will load faster, and
customers will notice.

No Limits

Edits made in your
cloud storage are
automatically synced.


Get insights into
your customer's usage
via Google Analytics.


Simple billing, no contracts, and pay-as-you-go. Your first 50GB each month is free.

What We Do:



Fast creates a folder in your Google Drive,
Dropbox, etc. Any files/folders you put in it will
be available through the Fast CDN.



We copy the files in your Fast folder to
servers all around the world.



There is always a copy near your customer; emails,
web pages and apps load faster.



We send detailed usage information to Google Analytics
or Mixpanel. Integrate with your existing data
or use a separate profile.



When files are added, deleted, or modified on your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. via your Fast Folder, we automatically sync those changes to your Fast CDN. We even support updates made via your mobile and desktop apps.


Developer? We are developer friendly.

Check out our REST API

Our Main Features!


Simple and Easy to Use

Account creation and setup takes a few clicks; Fast then puts a folder into your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Any files or folders placed into your Fast folder in your cloud storage become available through your Fast Content Delivery Network and web server.You can manage and update files easily because changes are synced automatically. Fast is compatible with Desktop and mobile syncing and management apps too.


Fast, Scalable, and Reliable

Fast places your content on thousands of servers across the Earth to ensure that wherever your customers are, your files are nearby. We provide near limitless capacity for traffic spikes and have redundancy for every system.Fast has no landing pages, capacity or usage limits, no storage limits or storage fees, and supports the content of any type up to 20GB per object.


Detailed Analytics

Fast stores detailed per transfer logs so you can analyze customer activity. More importantly, we can translate those logs to a more usable analytics provider; this allows you to `slice and dice` the data through a top-tier analytics suite (Google Analytics or Mixpanel). It also allows you to integrate your CDN data with other user metrics you may already be tracking.


Low Costs

Fast is low cost because we buy in huge quantity and pass the savings on to you. Fast offers you a no contract, pay-as-you-go service with prices and reliability usually associated with a long-term contract and big commits. Try us out now, we have a free tier. All users may use the first 50GB of data transfer free, every single month!

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