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Take control of your Documents

Marketing and Sales Materials

Professional, easy to use, marketing distribution that loads quickly and makes clients happy. simplifies delivery of sales and marketing materials - documents, PDFs, images, videos, and websites. If you're already storing your documents in the cloud, no changes are required, and there's no need for an IT department. deploys in 3 simple steps, no technical setup required. works with emails, on websites, or even inside of files, like PDFs. Sales and marketing files change all the time but with, there's no need to upload the latest version, because we do it for you!

Track engagement. gathers detailed analytics of customer activity and integrates it into your existing analytics platform (e.g., Google Analytics, MixPanel). supports G-Suite, so your documents, presentations and sheets can be served directly from as PDFs.

Use for Free too, your first 50GBs of data transfer each month is free (that's a lot of PDFs)!

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Deploy Updates, Installers, and App Assets

Software Distribution

Handle software updates, micro-deliverables, and large files with ease. is well-suited for software delivery applications, including full applications, product add-ons, patches, software deliverables, on-demand content, or status and configuration data (like XML or JSON). is designed to handle high burst traffic associated with software updates, micro-deliverables, and large files (up to 1GB).

We have a full API allowing you to automate common tasks. Even better, use your existing Cloud's tools, SDKs, and app ecosystem with Fast.

With, there is no per-transaction fee (up to 50,000 transfers per GB), just a low cost-per-byte transfer fee (lower than CloudFront).

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Software distribution
No More Buffering

Video and Audio Streaming

Deploy video and audio through a global CDN so buffering is a thing of the past.

Audio and video can be streamed from to web browsers, stand-alone applications, and mobile devices. We also supports partial transfers, allowing users to seek to a given location in a video or audio file. may be paired with any standard HTTP compatible audio and video player solution to make a powerful HTML5 multi-media player. is great for content that is frequently updated. When content is modified in your cloud storage (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), we sync those changes to your CDN within seconds. Any existing links are instantly updated.

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Video and audio streaming
FTP is out, but FTP over HTTP is in!

FTP/SFTP Replacement

CDN—powered file delivery that's automatically updated and integrated into your workflow. supports automatic indexing of files and folders, so it is the perfect way to share a large repository of files and folders at scale. can be used for software repositories, image hosting, file mirrors, or any other files for which you want to automatically create a list.

Original content stays in your existing cloud storage, keeping it easy to manage, sync, modify, and update your folders. Updates are automatically picked-up and reflected on our CDN within seconds. has an integrated CDN that allows us to scale and handle even the most demanding traffic, including bursts.

You can run multiple repositories from different folders on your storage cloud. Want to see it in action? Check out our demo site to see how it works.

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FTP/SFTP replacement
Scale Globally, Work Locally

Simple CDN is a real enterprise-grade CDN that's actually easy to use.

Load time matters for content, especially in today's mobile-centric world. Nobody wants to wait for buffering. partners with global networks of CDNs, providing up to 240,000 physical servers in over 130 countries. Your users are always within 100ms of one of our points of presence.

Even better, our CDN is baked right into our platform. There are no complex options to configure, contracts to sign, or caching to manage.

Our CDN pricing is a pay as you go with a low price per GB. Check out our demo site for some test files.

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Simple CDN
We love developers

Development Platform

Automate your deployment and customize your workflow with's RESTful API.

Everything we do, you can do through our RESTful API. Your content is managed through one or more linked cloud services with their own standardized APIs. Modifications, deletions, additions, and removals are automatically picked-up and propagated to your CDN within seconds.

Plus, since works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and MediaFire, you can leverage the benefits of each of their pre-existing vibrant ecosystem of integrations, apps, SDKs, and APIs.

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Development platform

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