Simple Static Web Hosting

Use as a simple file and media host with global scale and performance. Get direct links to files or share an entire folder; can automatically generate friendly listings of content and folders. You can host any type of content. including tiny, large, raw, or encrypted data. Your content still lives in its original cloud but with, it may be shared without the typical landing pages and sharing restrictions of storage clouds (e.g., Dropbox).

Get started instantly. There is no per-transaction fee, no contract, and files may be up to 20GBs. With fast, you only pay for the actual data transferred, and your first 50GBs each month is free. Get Started Now!

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Amazon S3 Alternative

We make hosting and managing your content simple. “magically” turns a folder in your existing cloud storage service (like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc..) into a web server that’s powered by our global content distribution network (CDN) with over 240,000 locations around the world. gives you the ease of today’s online and synced cloud storage with the speed and scalability of the world’s largest hosting platforms.

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Sales and Marketing simplifies management and delivery of sales and marketing materials - documents, PDFs, images, videos, and websites. No need for an IT department, confusing set-up, or salespeople. Continue collaborating on and revising materials through your current cloud or desktop syncing client, knowing that will automatically deploy these changes. No more confusion trying to upload the latest version, will do it for you! gathers detailed analytics of customer activity and integrates it into your existing platform (e.g., Google Analytics, Mix Panel).

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Software Delivery is well-suited for software delivery applications, including full applications, product add-ons, patches, software deliverables, on-demand content, or status and configuration data (like XML or JSON). is designed to handle high burst traffic associated with software updates and may also be used to serve micro-deliverables or large files. configurations can be managed directly through our RESTful API. Your content is managed through one or more linked cloud services with their own standardized APIs. Modifications, deletions, additions, and removals are automatically picked-up and propagated to your CDN within seconds.

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Streaming Content

Static multi-media content, such as audio or video, can be streamed from to web browsers, stand-alone applications, or mobile devices. supports partial transfers, allowing you to seek to a given location in a video or audio file. may be paired with any standard HTTP compatible audio and video player solutions to make a powerful HTML5 multi-media player.

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FTP/SFTP Replacement

Replace FTP/SFTPs and HTTP web-servers used for hosting content, as software repositories or mirrors, or for logistics. supports automatic indexing of files and folders, so it is the perfect way to share a large repository of files and folders at scale. Original content stays in your existing storage cloud (e.g., Dropbox), keeping it easy to share, manage, sync, modify, and update. Updates are automatically picked-up and reflected on your CDN within seconds. You can run multiple repositories from different folders on your storage cloud. You can manage Fast programmatically through our API and manage your content through your storage cloud provider's API, desktop, or mobile clients. Check our demo server right-now.

Get started instantly for free. With, there is no per-transaction fee, no contract, and files may be up to 20GBs. You only pay a low per byte transfer fee, and your first 50GBs of data transfer each month is free!

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Problems Solved

  • Cloud

    No annoying sales people, contracts, lock-ins or commitments.

  • Magic

    No technical and time-consuming setup and configuration.

  • All in one

    All in one platform -- no need for multiple providers.

  • Scaling

    Scaling up is automatic and nearly instant.

  • Globally

    Content is replicated globally, no need to choose a time zone.

  • Load

    Our analytics integrate into Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

  • Pricing

    We have no complex pricing tiers.

  • Insights

    No need to download and reupload your content -- keep it where it already exists.

  • Support

    Changes in your cloud storage sync automatically.

  • Pay

    Keep your existing workflows. Share and collaborate using your existing cloud storage.

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