A Better Way to Host Your Content

We make hosting and managing your content simple. Fast.io “magically” turns a folder in your existing cloud storage service (like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc..) into a web server that’s powered by our global content distribution network (CDN) with over 240,000 locations. Fast.io gives you the ease of today’s online and synced cloud storage with the speed and scalability of the world’s largest hosting platforms.

Fast.io makes collaboration easy by working inside your familiar cloud storage workflow. Let’s say you use Dropbox and you want someone else to edit something on your server like an HTML file or an image. All you need to do is invite your collaborator to the folder and you’re done! They can now edit, add, and save files to that folder and the changes are automatically synced to your Fast.io web server. You don’t have to worry about complicated permissions, server set-up, and management, or additional user accounts.

How Does Fast.io Compare to S3?

Fast.io gives you the frictionless user experience of cloud storage plus the scalability of enterprise-grade web hosting. S3 is a powerful object storage service with extensive capabilities for software developers to manage and leverage. For most file and web hosting use-cases, however, S3 is not the easiest to use or most performant. If you’re faced with one of these use cases, this is where Fast.io saves the day.

If you’re an S3 User, you’re probably familiar with these problems:

  1. Setting up a new S3 bucket or file hosting can take up to 10 minutes.
  2. File/Object permissions are hard to understand and difficult to configure.
  3. Updating and updating data manually means using a clunky web interface.
  4. Adding a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is difficult and complicated.
  5. Can be slow to load depending on how far you are from S3 servers.

Have some content you need to get online quickly, or a web page you want to host and don’t need a complex web server? Until now, S3 was one of your only options. For many use-cases, Fast.io now offers a better solution for use-cases like:

  1. Software delivery – like app updates or downloads.
  2. Streaming media – like audio or video.
  3. Simple file sharing and logistics – distributing a large abount of data to a team.
  4. Hosting website assets – like images, html, or javascript files.
  5. Hosting application assets – like images, video, large data files.

Fast.io is Really Fast…

Care about your content loading quickly, everywhere in the world? Fast.io has you covered with over 240,000 physical servers in over 130 countries on more than 1,700 networks around the world.

You can trust that your content (whether it’s a 3-hour video, a 100 page PDF, or just a tiny image) will load super-fast for your users, no matter where they are.

Developer Ready

Fast configurations can be managed directly through our RESTful API. Your content is managed through one or more linked cloud services with their own standardized APIs. Modifications, deletions, additions, and removals are automatically picked-up and propagated to your Fast CDN within seconds.

Plus, since Fast.io works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and MediaFire, you can also leverage the benefits of each of their pre-existing vibrant ecosystem of integrations and APIs.

Coming Soon

How Fast.io helps you:

Fast.io is a simple to use content distribution platform that works for you by pairing your
existing cloud storage (like Dropbox or Google Drive) with our distribution platform and
reporting usage to your existing analytics service (like Google Analytics).


Keep all your files in one place, your existing cloud storage.


Easy to set up, no IT department or technical expertise required.


Speed Matters! Content
will load faster, and
customers will notice.

No Limits

Edits made in your
cloud storage are
automatically synced.


Get insights into
your customer's usage
via Google Analytics.


Simple billing, no contracts, and pay-as-you-go. Your first 50GB each month is free.

Our Main Features!


Simple and Easy to Use

Account creation and setup takes a few clicks; Fast puts a folder into your Google Drive or Dropbox (or other cloud storage). Anything you put in that folder is then available from your very own web server. That’s it!


Fast, Scalable, and Reliable

Fast puts your content on thousands of servers across the Earth to ensure that your files are always near your users. Fast has no landing pages, capacity limits, or usage limits. Go wild!


Detailed Analytics

Fast stores detailed per transfer logs so you can analyze the activity of your web servers. More importantly, Fast can translate those logs to a more usable analytics provider, like Google Analytics.


Low Costs

Fast is no-contract, pay-as-you-go with the prices and reliability of a big long-term-commitment. Starting up or just playing around? No problem! It’s all free up to 20GB of data transfer each month!

Coming Soon!