File Hosting for Brands Get more value out of your presentations, PDFs, video and audio. Promote your brand, convert visitors into leads and customers and keep them in your channels.

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We merge multiple tools into one

You don't need to "hack" together services to get a conversion flow that works for you. We provide everything you need in one simple package.


Promote Your Brand

We allow you to fully customize our service. You can even use your own domain.

Users will have a seamless experience between your existing brand colors, logos and content, and Fast.

Drive Users To Your Channels

Once your customers see your content, "What's Next"?

Normally they close the browser, but we help you drive users back into your existing social or business channels.

Capture Value

Understand which content converts and capture value.

With fast, you can request email addresses, have users perform social actions, or answer a survey.

Understand Your Audience

We provide great integrated analytics so you can understand the flow of customers to and from your content.

You can also add your own Google, Twitter and Facebook tracking code to all your pages.

Its Simple to Make your Content Engaging

What happens after they download? Keep your audience engaged with your brand.


Designed for Sharing

When you link to content, we customize the links to your brand and with your content. Your links will POP on social media. (Show meta preview images in social)

Optimized for All Devices

Automatically optimized for desktop and mobile devices (Show same page desktop and mobile)

No Coding Necessary

Anyone can use FastIO - No HTML or CSS to Learn. Use our simple editor.

Watch, Listen, Stream, and Read

We support in browser viewing of PDF's, Images, Video, and listening to Audio.

Gain valuable insights

Powerful analytics to help you understand your audience and measure your results.

See where your traffic is coming from

Find out where your downloads are coming from. Know your top countries, URLs, sources of visitors.

Discover which content is working

Track who clicks the links on your download page, know which content is driving traffic and sales.

Know your audience better

Get detailed demographics about who's viewing your content and who's converting.

Ready? Let's go!

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