Integrated Analytics

Get data directly from the source - can send data directly from our CDN - no javascript required - to your Google Analytics or other analytics provider, so you can get insight into exactly what people are doing with your sites.

Nothing to install, no javascript to run

Most analytics tools, including Google Analytics, require you to add javascript or tracking pixels, or they install cookies on your user’s web browser. doesn’t need any of that to give you accurate data directly from the source. passes data directly from our servers to your Google Analytics account.

You can track analytics data for your website or your file downloads. even make it possible to track and analyze traffic for every image, pdf, or any other file download. Analytics Illustration
  • Measure directly from the server

    Data from is accurate, because it’s exactly what happens on the CDN. Other solutions can only measure what Javascript can see or require you to install server-side software that’s costly and complicated to set-up and configure.

  • Accurate

    Because data is collected server-side, you’ll never lose data when users employ javascript or ad blockers that typically block Google Analytics and other analytics providers. The data we collect is anonymous and represents the full picture of traffic to your website and assets.

  • Privacy Focused protects your user’s privacy - there are no cookies, and data is anonymous. You get the data you need to analyze usage of your site with none of the risk of holding personally identifiable information.

    You can also choose to collect or filter-out data only for certain file types and file names - you track as much or as little as you need.

  • Zero impact on site performance

    Your site and your digital assets are unaffected because's Integrated Analytics runs server-side on our CDN; there’s no extra code to load on your site.

  • A powerful UI to analyze data

    Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get the full capability of Google Analytics’s industry-leading interface for digesting, analyzing, producing reports, and exporting data with none of the overhead.

    Leverage Google Analytics’s UI for mapping, graphing, and user insights.

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